Our Programs

In order to best serve our members, we go through a rigorous review process to find the best service at the best price. We benchmark against nationally recognized standards and negotiate best in market pricing for each partner. The result is a list of industry-leading programs that reduce cost and improve member health.

  • CVS/Health — This proactive approach to control pharmacy costs features a rigorous bidding and auditing process that consistently delivers high quality service at the best possible price. Click here for brief overview.

  • Optum — Hospital claims cost-management solutions. Click here for brief overview.

  • Aetna — Full range of medical plans designed to control costs through leading-edge, member-focused programs. Click here for brief overview.

  • Epic Hearing Health Care — A range of products including a discount program, at no cost to the plan sponsor, to reduce the costs for members who self-pay for hearing care. Click here for brief overview.

  • Davis Vision — A full suite of customizable vision plans, and a discount program. Members pay 100% at zero cost to the plan sponsor. Click here for brief overview.