EPIC Hearing Healthcare


EPIC Hearing Healthcare, a UnitedHealthcare company, offers a spectrum of plans ranging from  100% member paid discount programs to competitive insured rates. EPIC will also coordinate coverage with an AEPC member organization’s existing healthcare plan.

EPIC is the largest provider of hearing benefits in the nation, offering services through a large network of hearing care professionals across the country. Through EPIC’s relationships with major hearing technology manufacturers, individuals have access to the latest and cost-effective hearing aids.

EPIC screens and contracts with qualified experts in hearing evaluation and treatment, including physicians and audiologists.  They negotiate the best prices for all treatment protocols, including hearing devices. EPIC prices may be as much as 50% below manufacturers’ suggested retail price and up to 35% lower than most discount offers.

EPIC has earned Health Network Accreditation from URAC, an accrediting organization that establishes key quality benchmarks for consumer protection, network management, provider credentialing, quality management and improvement. The EPIC Hearing Service Plan is endorsed by the National Labor Alliance – Health Care Coalition (NLA – HCC) as the hearing plan of choice.