Weekend Reading: Carrots or Sticks, Truth or Consequences and More

Weekend Reading: Carrots or Sticks, Truth or Consequences and More

Weekend Reading: Carrots or Sticks, Truth or Consequences and More 2121 1414 AEPC Health

For decades, medical professionals, behavioral economists, psychologists and other thought leaders have looked for the “secret sauce” that will move people towards a healthier life. Are people motivated by a financial incentive to make lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, losing weight, increasing exercise? Or are financial penalties more effective? Sometimes the positive incentive is referred to as the carrot, while the penalty is the stick. Research continues on which approach is the most effective.

When it comes to carrots, horses are one of the biggest fans of this vegetable – especially with the greens still attached! Horses are not, however, keen on the taste of deworming medication with primary ingredient ivermectin given to treat parasites. Recently, some people are using the horse deworming medication to self-treat for COVID-19 based on false social media claims of it being an effective treatment. Horse and other livestock deworming medication containing ivermectin is toxic to humans. Please leave it for the animals!

I hope you enjoy the following:

1. Carrots or Sticks?

Axios: Vaccine penalties are here, and it’s unclear whether they’ll work

New York Times: Delta’s Extra $200 Insurance Fee Shows Vaccine Dilemma for Employers

Science Magazine: Cash for shots? Studies suggest payouts improve vaccination rates

SHRM: Chevron, CVS Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations

2. Truth or Consequences? 

Cleveland Clinic: Why You Shouldn’t Take Animal Ivermectin for COVID-19

CNET: Ivermectin and COVID-19: Why poison centers are getting calls about this controversial drug. Is this a miracle pill or a sham?

WebMD: Shouldn’t Docs Who Spread False COVID Info Lose Their Licenses?

Healio: Inaccurate, harmful cancer information prevalent on social media

3. Tech Talk

Science Daily: Research supports FDA recommendation: Patients with implanted medical devices should keep their smart phones and watches at least six inches away

PR Newswire: BD Receives Emergency Use Authorization for First At-Home COVID-19 Test to Use Smartphone to Interpret, Deliver Results

Smithsonian Magazine: This Teenager Is Developing a Video Game That Assesses Your Mental Health

Stat: Scientists devise a battery-free pacemaker that can be absorbed by the body

4. Back in the Day 

Smithsonian Magazine: The Lost Art of Molding Ice Cream Into Eagles, Tugboats and Pineapples

The Atlantic: In the 1500s, Mail Disinfection Was Really, Really Weird

History: 6 Inventions That Transformed Housework

BuzzFeed:  23 Common Things We Did 15 Years Ago That Seem Weird Today In Retrospect

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