Weekend Reading: Out in Front, 100 Meter Sprints, Like an Olympian, Twisties, Don Juan van de Donkhoeve & more

Weekend Reading: Out in Front, 100 Meter Sprints, Like an Olympian, Twisties, Don Juan van de Donkhoeve & more

Weekend Reading: Out in Front, 100 Meter Sprints, Like an Olympian, Twisties, Don Juan van de Donkhoeve & more 2121 1414 AEPC Health

Some days it feels that the changing CDC COVID-19 mask and other guidance is like an Olympic gymnast twisting above the uneven bars or tumbling during floor exercises. Or maybe the CDC is experiencing twisties. If you are not familiar with twisties, this Weekend Reading series will bring you up to speed!

The changing CDC guidance is not a case of twisties but rather is a reminder that COVID-19 is a novel (“new”) virus. As researchers learn more about the COVID-19 and the current Delta variant, guidance is modified based on the science.

Earlier this week, the CDC revised its mask guidance to encourage vaccinated individuals to wear masks indoors, especially in low vaccinated regions of the country. Today the CDC released the findings from a study that led to the guidance change.The study found that three-quarters of the people infected during a COVID-19 delta variant outbreak in Massachusetts were fully vaccinated. The report also provides new evidence that vaccinated people can spread the Delta variant and may be a part of the cause of the current surge.

Also this week, in a CDC internal presentation document leaked to the Washington Post,  a summary slide states that the agency should “acknowledge that the war has changed.” The presentation notes that the Delta variant spreads as easily as chickenpox and appears to cause more severe illness than earlier variants. Also, vaccinated people infected with the Delta variant have amounts of the virus similar to those who are unvaccinated and infected with the variant. Vaccines continue to be highly effective, especially at preventing severe illness and death, but may be less effective at preventing infection or transmission of the Delta variant.

This Weekend Reading series begins with Out in Front, looking at the race between the Delta variant and vaccination. Next check out 100 Meter Sprints, with short articles on current COVID topics. In Like an Olympian explore articles on how to improve your health habits. Last but not least, do not miss Twisties, Don Juan van de Donkhoeve, Danger, & Wheaties.

I hope you enjoy the following:

1. Continuing to Win

  • Associated Press: Study: Vaccinated people can carry as much virus as others
  • New York Times: C.D.C. Internal Report Calls Delta Variant as Contagious as Chickenpox
  • CDC Slide Presentation: Improving communications around vaccine breakthrough and vaccine effectiveness
  • Newsweek: How Contagious Is Ebola? CDC Documents Compare Virus to COVID Delta Variant
  • Kaiser Health News: Unraveling the Mysterious Mutations That Make Delta the Most Transmissible COVID Virus Yet

2. 100 Meter Sprints

  •  AXIOS: Internal CDC presentation warns: “The war has changed”
  • Associated Press: Do I need to get tested for COVID-19 if I’m vaccinated?
  • STAT: Efficacy of Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine slips to 84% after six months, data show
  • Associated Press: What is a COVID-19 vaccine ‘breakthrough’ case?

3. Like An Olympian

4. Twisties, Don Juan van de Donkhoeve, Danger, & Wheaties

  • New York Times: Simone Biles, struggling with ‘the twisties,’ says she can’t ‘tell up from down.’
  • Reuters: I had the “twisties” just like Simone
  • Yahoo Sports: Equestrian Jessica Springsteen Talks Riding Style and Prepping for the Olympics
  • New York Times: In BMX Racing, Danger Is Never Far From the Lead
  • Smithsonian Magazine: How Wheaties Became the “The Breakfast of Champions”

Enjoy the weekend! 



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