Weekend Reading: News Splash, Making Waves, Against the Tide & It’s In the Water

Weekend Reading: News Splash, Making Waves, Against the Tide & It’s In the Water

Weekend Reading: News Splash, Making Waves, Against the Tide & It’s In the Water 2121 1414 AEPC Health

I am guilty. Growing up, my parents had a hard and fast rule – you can’t swim for an hour after eating. This rule was likewise dutifully enforced by my grandparents. I remember many times abandoning a partially built sand castle to ask my grandfather if an hour had passed. As he took his watch out of the beach bag, I waited in anticipation of his answer. More often than not, an hour had not yet passed. But eventually, there would come a time that there would be a wide smile as he looked at the watch and I knew the waiting was over. With his hand in mine, we would head to the water.

I am guilty. As an adult I stayed true to the rule of not swimming until at least an hour after eating. This was not terribly inconvenient as most of my swims at the gym were either first thing in the morning or on the way home from work. I later passed the one hour rule on to my son and vigilantly enforced it. When other parents would tell me that there was no reason to wait an hour, I flatly rejected the view. There was no way my grandparents and parents could be wrong.

I am guilty of what professionals who study human behavior call belief perseverance, a type of cognitive bias. Belief perseverance is the tendency to maintain a belief even after receiving contradictory information. A related concept, confirmation bias, is the inclination to seek only information that supports our previous belief and reject information that is contrary to these. So, is it true than that you can’t teach an old dog or human new tricks? The simple answer is you can, but it will not be easy!

This Weekend Reading Series begins with News Splash, with some of the latest healthcare news on costs, diabetes, long COVID-19, scams, and more. Next, check out Making Waves exploring an innovative approach to address medical debt and troubling reports on drug use, organ transplants and doctor behavior. Do not miss Against the Tide with articles on decision making and other topics that may challenge your current beliefs. Last, but not least, check out It’s In the Water and my personal favorite Do Dogs Really Cry Tears of Joy When Reunited With Their Owners? And yes, the dog in the article looks like my beloved Watson!

I hope you enjoy the following:

1. News Splash

2. Making Waves

3. Against the Tide

4. It’s in the Water

Enjoy the weekend!

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