Weekend Reading: Making a Difference, Making the News, Making Changes, and Making It

Weekend Reading: Making a Difference, Making the News, Making Changes, and Making It

Weekend Reading: Making a Difference, Making the News, Making Changes, and Making It 2121 1414 AEPC Health

Is life better in the U.S. today than 100 years ago? The 1920s, or the Roaring Twenties, was a time of great prosperity. With money to spend, Americans were buying mass-produced goods, such as ready-to-wear clothes, electric refrigerators, and radios. The Ford Model T was also a popular purchase thanks to a lower price and credit financing. With the use of assembly-line production, Henry Ford lowered the price of the Model T to a level within reach for more people. In 1925, the Model T’s price of $260 was equivalent to about 4 months’ salary for the average worker– and financing was available!

How does today’s life compare with life 75 years or 50 years ago? Measuring better is difficult given that it is subjective in nature.

There is no one measure or index that can truly tell us if life today is better than in the good old days.

One thing is true across the years – people want a better life for themselves, others in the community and for future generations. Making life better requires actions, both big and small of people. The Affordable Care Act, scientific discoveries, medical treatments, new technology, educational opportunities, are making life better today and into the future. Small actions, too, such as asking someone how their day is going, offering to help a neighbor with a chore, thanking the cashier in the store or not taking out your frustration with slow service on an employee, will make life better for you and others.

This edition of Weekend Reading begins with Making A Difference. Read about the record setting Affordable Care Act marketplace plans, also known as Obamacare, its impact on colorectal cases; an individual’s quest for federal funding of ALS research, and more. Next, in Making the News check out the articles on some of the latest healthcare news you shouldn’t miss. In Making Changes, explore articles on addressing drug shortages as well as new approaches to delivering healthcare services and prescription drugs. Finally, do not miss, Making It– and my personal favorite – Activision Blizzard employees form first of its kind Game Workers Alliance Union.

 I hope you enjoy the following:

1. Making a Difference

Detroit Free Press: Obamacare sign-ups surge in Michigan, uninsured rate hovers just above 5%

Associated Press: 14.5M get health care under Obama law, with help from Biden

Yale School of Medicine: Yale-led Study Finds the Affordable Care Act Prevented Thousands of Colorectal Cancer Cases and Deaths

STAT: ‘I’m going to prove you wrong’: How a D.C. power couple used an ALS diagnosis to create a political juggernaut

The Atlantic: ‘Self-Care’ Isn’t the Fix for Late-Pandemic Malaise What we need is to take care of others.


2. Making the News

The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy: Most side effects noted in COVID vaccine trials may be due to ‘nocebo effect’

Kaiser Health News: CDC Tells Pharmacies to Give 4th Covid Shots to Immunocompromised Patients

Kaiser Health News: Medicare Patients Win the Right to Appeal Gap in Nursing Home Coverage

WebMD: FDA Halts Use of COVID Drugs Ineffective Against Omicron


3. Making Changes

CVS Health: CVS Health and Uber Health Collaborate to Advance Health Equity in Communities Nationwide  Collaboration will provide free transportation through new Health Zones initiative

Wall Street Journal: The New Trend in Healthcare: Do-It-Yourself

The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy: Firm tackles US drug shortages during COVID with Wisconsin plant

NPR: Billionaire Mark Cuban launches online pharmacy aimed at lowering generic drug prices


4. Making It

The Guardian: Belgian-Briton Zara Rutherford is youngest woman to fly solo around world

Gizmodo: Vets Are Furious About the Latest Designer Dog Trend: Hairless Frenchies

The Guardian: Activision Blizzard employees form first of its kind Game Workers Alliance Union

The Saturday Evening Post: From Auto Mechanic to Doctor  At age 47, Carl Allamby defied the odds to become a doctor after decades as an auto mechanic


Enjoy the weekend!


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