Davis Vision Service Plan


With more than 50 years experience, Davis Vision provides services to over 22 million people. Their national network of providers includes independent ophthalmologists, optometrists and four of the five top retail eyewear retailers – over 93,000 points of access.  Davis Vision providers are accredited by National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), meeting diligent standards to assure quality care.

Davis Vison offers flexible plan designs ranging from fully funded benefit programs to the 100% member-paid Affinity Discount Card program. Every option saves money for both the AEPC member organization and participant. For example, Davis provider reimbursement rates and utilization management programs deliver quality care while driving cost savings. All calls and claims are administered in the U.S. with a member satisfaction rate of 97%.

Other features of Davis Vision plans include:

  • Fully-covered, on-trend frames at 9,000 locations with no more than $40 out-of-pocket; often, at no cost
  • 1-year breakage warranty on frames
  • LASIK discount services
  • Virtual frame try-on
  • Mobile-friendly apps and support