Something New, Money Changes Everything, Brainstorming, and Come Spy With Me

Something New, Money Changes Everything, Brainstorming, and Come Spy With Me

Something New, Money Changes Everything, Brainstorming, and Come Spy With Me 2121 1414 AEPC Health

It’s official – summer is over. Although Labor Day may seem like the end of summer with vacations in the rear-view mirror, it is not. Summer officially ended on Thursday with the autumn, or fall, equinox. Unlike other events that we think of as a day, the fall equinox is a moment that occurred at exactly 9:04 PM for people in the Americas. At that time, the sun was over the Earth’s equator and everyone across the globe got a day and night lasting approximately 12 hours each.

With fall comes activities like trips to the cider mill, pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and perhaps getting lost in a corn maze. Of course, there is the ghoulish fun of Halloween and Thanksgiving dinner gathering! Fall is also an unfortunate reminder that crisp autumn days will give way to winter – although not officially until December 21, 2022.  Until winter arrives, autumn is to be enjoyed and as in Albert Camus’ famous 1942 play The Misunderstanding, “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

The play is not at all as upbeat as this often-quoted line. The Misunderstanding is dark, philosophical play that the then 29-year-old Camus wrote living in Paris under German occupation. The play is the story of a man who returns home after many years to visit his mother and sister. The two run a boarding house where in order to make ends meet, they occasionally rob and murder wealthy guests. He decides to conceal his identity when his mother and sister do not recognize him. Even as communications are not going well, he does not reveal his identity. The many misunderstandings and mistaken identity result in the mother and daughter murdering him. The day after the murder, while going through his papers, they discover the truth – that he is their son/brother.

One take-away from the plays is how a “misunderstanding” can change the course of our lives. How we act greatly depends on our understanding of something or someone. Lack of understanding can have a myriad of effects including rejection of facts, dismissal of health-related scientific findings, discriminatory views/actions, and difficulties with interpersonal relationships. This Weekend’s Reading will hopefully enhance the quality of your understanding on leading healthcare issues and other topics!

This Weekend Reading Series begins with Something New with some of the latest on strategies to address substance abuse, anxiety screening and children’s health. Next, check out Money Changes Everything exploring the growing presence of private equity in the healthcare space, healthcare financing and health workers’ wages. In Brainstorming, you will find articles on medical gaslighting, personality testing and more. Last, but not least, check out Come Spy With Me, and my personal favorite, The day we discovered our parents were Russian spies !

I hope you enjoy the following:

1. Something New

2. Money Changes Everything

3. Brainstorming

4. Come Spy With Me

Enjoy your weekend!



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