Newsworthy, Do You Know My Name?, Diagnosis: Broken, & Seems Fishy

Newsworthy, Do You Know My Name?, Diagnosis: Broken, & Seems Fishy

Newsworthy, Do You Know My Name?, Diagnosis: Broken, & Seems Fishy 2121 1414 AEPC Health

With May and the long Memorial Day weekend in the books, it was back to our weekday routine this week. We knew the return to our weekday schedule was closing in with each passing hour of the long weekend. The enjoyable times would soon become memories to last a lifetime. But will they?

For the 65 million Americans with Alzheimer’s disease, memories disappear with each passing year. Alzheimer’s disease is not the typical forgetfulness caused by aging such as not remembering someone’s name or what is needed from the grocery store. Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia, guts a person’s ability to do simple daily tasks, remember the names of friends and family, the current events and to live independently.

June is recognized as Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness month. President Ronald Regan initiated the observance of Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month in 1983 to raise awareness about the disease, the need for treatment as well as care options. Be sure to check out Do You Know My Name ? for the latest Alzheimer’s disease research, testing and more!

This Weekend Reading Series begins with Newsworthy, with current news on a variety of healthcare related topics. Explore Do You Know My Name? for Alzheimer’s information including costs, testing, research, and personal perspectives. Do not miss Diagnosis: Broken with articles on some of the many aspects of the broken U.S. healthcare system. Last, but not least, check out Seems Fishy and my personal favorite, What is MerMay and why are people so into drawing mermaids this month?

I hope you enjoy the following:

1. Newsworthy

  • Fierce Healthcare: CVS Health rolls out virtual primary care service
  • HealthDay: Melatonin Poisoning Cases Soaring Among U.S. Kids
  • STAT: Novel genetic experiment shrinks tough-to-treat cancer
  • Pew Charitable Trusts: Study Shows That Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing for Children Leads to Increased Costs, Complications

2. Do You Know My Name?

  • STAT: Costly Alzheimer’s treatment is spreading around the world, with virtually no science to back it up
  • Science Daily: Dementia diagnosis often comes as part of costly crisis
  • MedicalXpress: FDA OKs marketing of new test to help diagnose Alzheimer’s disease
  • The New York Times: Spinal Fluid From Young Mice Sharpened Memories of Older Rodents.  Researchers identified a protein in the fluid that could boost the cognition of aging animals — and might lead to future treatments for people.
  • HealthDay: What People With Early-Onset Dementia Want You to Know

3. Diagnosis: Broken

  • Associated Press: Young caregivers ‘exist in the shadows,’ offer crucial help
  • Kaiser Health News: Betting on ‘Golden Age’ of Colonoscopies, Private Equity Invests in Gastro Docs
  • Yale News: High cost of cancer care in the U.S. doesn’t reduce mortality rates
  • STAT: ‘How do you decide?’ Cancer treatment’s CAR-T crisis has patients dying on a waitlist.

4. Seems Fishy

  • Smithsonian Magazine: Is Fishing With a Drone the Way of the Future?
  • ABA Journal: Prosecutors are cracking down on online romance scams
  • NPR: What is MerMay and why are people so into drawing mermaids this month?
  • Smithsonian Magazine: Culinary Detectives Try to Recover the Formula for a Deliciously Fishy Roman Condiment

Enjoy your weekend!

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