News Briefs, Time After Time, Time Matters & About Time

News Briefs, Time After Time, Time Matters & About Time

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Matters of Time

It’s nearly time to say goodbye to daylight saving time for 2023. Daylight saving time officially ends for most people in the U.S. this Sunday, November 5th at 2 am. This means setting the clock back 1 hour – an opportunity for an extra hour of sleep! It also means more daylight in the mornings, but less hours of light in the evening.

Exception to Every Rule

Not every state and territory in the U.S. observes daylight saving time, sparing its residents the 1 hour time change in order to “spring ahead” and later to “fall back.” Hawaii and Arizona do not observe daylight saving time. However, the Navajo Nation in northeastern Arizona does observe daylight saving time so it can have a uniform time with parts of Navajo territory in Utah and New Mexico.

Controversial Times

Daylight saving time is one of the many controversial topics in today’s public square. Research shows that “spring ahead” each March is associated with serious negative health effects, such as an increase in heart attacks. Yet the general public is divided.

A March 2022 poll by Monmouth University found that one in three Americans want to keep the current practice of changing the time twice a year. Far more, six out of 10 would rather have daylight saving time year round.

Changing Times

If you seem to recall hearing that the federal government was working on the daylight saving time issue, you are correct. Every year since 2018, U.S. Senator Mark Rubio of Florida has introduced The Sunshine Protection Act, which would make daylight saving time permanent – no more clock changes in the spring and fall.

The proposed legislation is having a difficult time making it over the finish line. This year, the Act was reintroduced in the Senate and the House. In the Senate, the bill has been read twice on the floor and referred to a committee, while the House has only referred it to a subcommittee. Only time will tell if the Senate and House will act on the proposed legislation.

Check out Time Matters for more on the relationship between health and time!


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  • News Briefs: current healthcare news, including organized labor & prescription drug legislation, employer coverage & ACA, and infant mortality increases.
  • Time After Time: Psychiatrists prescribing Ozempic, hernia surgery gone bad, and rabies vaccine hesitancy.
  • Time Matters: calls to end “spring forward,” how to outsmart the time change, and go ahead & hit snooze.
  • About Time: including my personal favorite, Why Is Snooze Nine Minutes?

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