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Healthbeat, Maintenance Alert, Summer Smart & Ever Wonder?

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Let’s Generalize About Men

In the world of TV musical comedy, few shows have managed to blend humor, satire, and catchy tunes as effectively as “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” Among its many memorable numbers, Let’s Generalize About Men stands out as a playful anthem that humorously highlights and celebrates our all-too-human tendency to make sweeping generalizations about people.

It is in Season 3, Episode 4, that the lead character Rebecca and her friends gather in a living room and engage in the time honored traditions of drinking and complaining about the opposite sex. They launch into song about every frustration they have had with men with over-the-top generalizations. As the women belt out lines like, “All men are stupid and childish, even the ones who are smart and mature,” it’s impossible not to laugh at their wild claims.

But beneath the humor, there’s a nugget or two of truth. We often do tend to overgeneralize when emotions are running high. But also, there are some generalizations about men that are supported by data!

Misguided Masculinity
The song’s playful exaggeration of men’s behavior mirrors how some men handle (or don’t handle) their health.  A recent national survey conducted by the Cleveland Clinic found:

  • 65% of men said they are hesitant to seek professional help for mental health concerns such as stress, anxiety and depression
  •  Almost half of men (44%) do not get a yearly physical
  • 49% of men don’t maintain a healthy diet

Smash Those Stereotypes
June is National Men’s Health Month – a great time for you or the men in your life to change the stereotype by prioritizing both physical and mental health. It’s time to make that doctor’s appointment for the recommended health screenings. And embrace a lifestyle where a healthy diet and exercise are your best friends.

And perhaps best of all, there will be one less negative thing for women to generalize about men!

Happy reading,

Suzanne Daniels

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