Headline Hits, It’s a Resolution, Waste Not Want Not, Food Wise

Headline Hits, It’s a Resolution, Waste Not Want Not, Food Wise

Headline Hits, It’s a Resolution, Waste Not Want Not, Food Wise 2560 1706 AEPC Health

Let’s start with a question – did you or didn’t you? That is, did you start the new year with the tradition of making one or more resolutions?

For many, the new year marks a fresh start and the opportunity to set self-improvement goals. According to a survey by Statista, the top three resolutions for 2023 focus on health – exercise more (52%), eat healthier (50%) and lose weight (40%). Coming in 4th  place is saving money (39%) followed by spending more time with family and friends (37%). Other responses include reducing time on social media (20%), reduce job stress (19%) and reduce spending on living expenses (19%).

Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions have a high failure rate. According to some experts, 80 percent of people abandon their resolutions before the end of February. Why? The simple answer is that changing our behavior is not easy and it takes time. Plus, we are not experts in the science of behavior change, and often we do not tap into the many resources that could help with changing habits.

Mastering resolutions is like learning to ride a bicycle – it’s a progression. You start with a tricycle, move up to bike with training wheels, and then one day the training wheels are gone! Family and friends provide their expert instruction as well as encouragement after the inevitable fall. Along the way, there are scrapes, bruises, and disappointments. But with time and tenacity comes success!

This Weekend Reading begins with Headline Hits, with news on a variety of key healthcare topics. In It’s a Resolution, you will find articles on ways to set and master New Year’s resolutions. Next explore the articles in Waste Not, Want Not on food waste and ways to start to address the problem in the US. Finally, do not miss Food Wise and my personal favorite –
This Pulp Isn’t Fiction!

I hope you enjoy the following:

1. Headline Hits

2. It’s A Resolution

3. Waste Not, Want Not

4. Food Wise

Enjoy your weekend!



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